16. März 2017

Yamaha NS-5000: Highend-Lautsprecher ab Sommer 2017 erhältlich!

Im Sommer 2017 kommt der neue Highend-Lautsprecher NS-5000 von Yamaha auf den Markt. Der 3-Wege-Lautsprecher, dessen Membrane zu 100% aus dem Material Zylon bestehen, wird für einen Paarpreis von ca. 15.000 Euro erhältlich sein.

Yamaha schreibt zum Release (Auszug / englische Version):

"This summer, Yamaha proudly introduces the NS-5000, a 30 cm (12") 3-way bookshelf speaker system that illustrates the future direction of Yamaha's speaker technology grown out of years of cutting-edge research on all aspects of designing Hi-Fi speakers, including components and materials. The NS-5000, built upon the tradition of natural sound for which all Yamaha speakers have been known — from the very first NS-20 and NS-30 models released in 1968 to the latest — and sets a new standard in sound excellence expected of Yamaha's top-of-the-line speaker. With non-colouration of sound, wide frequency response, consistent sound characteristics across the frequency range, and extremely low distortion set as self-imposed requirements for a new-generation speaker, we scientifically probed each of these characteristics to be incorporated into a flagship capable of bringing out the best of high-resolution audio sources. The result is the superb NS-5000, with sound and performance that sets a standard for all Hi-Fi speakers to come.

Newly developed diaphragms boast acoustic velocity comparable to that of beryllium

NS-5000's tweeter, midrange, and woofer all feature diaphragms made of 100% ZYLON® — a synthetic fiber created in Japan rated as the world’s strongest and boasting optimum elasticity — using Yamaha’s original monel alloy vapor coating deposition method. The soft-dome diaphragm suppresses peaks and dips in the frequency response caused by the inherent resonance of the diaphragm, while taking advantage of ZYLON®'s high acoustic velocity comparable to that of beryllium, considered as the ideal diaphragm material for its hardness, lightweight (low density), and stiffness. The result is a remarkably flat frequency response, with unified tone color and acoustic velocity over the entire frequency range, providing comfortable listening experience and meticulously accurate, superb sound reproduction of the highest degree.

The dual genealogy of Yamaha Hi-Fi speakers continues in the new NS-5000

The NS-690, equipped with a soft-dome tweeter and midrange, was introduced in 1973, and the NS-1000M, featuring a hard (beryllium) dome tweeter and midrange, in 1974. Although both speaker systems shared the same 30 cm (12") 3-way bookshelf design, each had its distinctive sound characteristics that attracted a following of its own among audiophiles of the time. The question of whether to select a speaker with hard-dome or soft-dome drivers had no definitive answer, as it boiled down to a matter of personal preference for audio and music of each listener. Yamaha’s Hi-Fi speaker systems have since been broadly categorised into two lineages — those using soft-dome drivers and those with hard-dome drivers — from which has emerged the NS-5000, which offers the best of both worlds."